Buicks to the Moon by Holly A Ostopick

Buicks to the Moon

Holly A. Ostopick

Falls, Pennsylvania, USA

Artist Statement

“Buicks to the Moon” is an Alan Jackson song. I never realized I was an Alan Jackson fan until recently. I had heard “Let It Be Christmas” on the radio several years ago. I sang it solo in church to an elderly widow that I KNEW would LOVE the song. Until that song, I never even heard of Alan Jackson.

A few years later, I met Daniel. We dated and he often listened to country music in his vehicle. I wasn’t a country music fan, but occasionally a tune would pique my interest and I’d turn the volume up. He said I was obviously an Alan Jackson fan. When I replied that I didn’t even know Alan Jackson other than his “Let It Be Christmas” song, he told me that every time I decided to turn the volume up on his radio that Alan Jackson was singing. So he bought me an Alan Jackson CD and I DID like his music!

Although I’m 55 years old, I’ve spent most of my life single. I didn’t have very good experiences with men, so many years ago I decided to travel with my job instead. I’m a civil engineer and I’ve constructed many bridges along the east coast of the United States. But when I returned home after the unexpected death of my mother, I met Daniel. I married him a year later in 2012. The rest is history. We LOVE listening to Alan Jackson songs and “Buicks to the Moon” is one of our favorites.


Scrappy pieced and applique.


Cotton fabric scraps.