Hunter's Moon by Tammi D. Daubenspeck

Hunter’s Moon

Tammi D. Daubenspeck

Sherman, Texas, USA

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by Indian legends and folklore. I was excited when one of my pieces involved one of the full moons. I love fall and especially seeing the large colorful full moons.

October’s moon is called Hunter’s Moon, also know as Blood Moon. It is said that it is called Hunter’s Moon because it was time to hunt and prepare for winter. The hunters were able to see in the late evening by the light of the large October moon.

I love the weather, the colors, and the crisp air of fall. I wanted to try and make this quilt only using fabric to show the beauty of the colors of fall and the Hunter Moon.

I found a blue hand-dye and red/purple/blue hand-dye for the main 2 fabrics for the sky and landscape. The other 2 fabrics were dark brown for the silhouette of the Indian Hunter and a red textured piece for the surface of the moon, and to convey the Blood Moon of October.

I have always admired and been inspired by impressionist artists. I also admire several quilt artists whose work looks more like it is created with paint than with fabric. I stripped the fabric of the sky and landscape to give an impressionistic effect. I also layered and top stitched the strips to help give my piece a more textural feel. I kept the silhouette of the Indian Hunter simple so as to not take away from the background and the moon.


Strip piecing, fusible applique.


Cotton fabric, fusible web, batting.