Buffalo Girl by Diane Dresdner

Buffalo Girl

Diane Dresdner

Chantilly, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

When I heard about the FMTTM challenge I decided I would like to do a fun quilt. I fell asleep with thoughts of many moon related songs dancing in my head. Woke up to the tune “Buffalo Gals Won’t You Come Out Tonight,” playing loudly in my mind. I took the hint!

Instead of portraying a woman dressed as a cowgirl, I decided to portray a female buffalo dancing. Artistic license is a wonderful thing. Loved the line about a hole in her stockin’ and was sure to include that image in my portrayal.


Creation/drawing of patterns and templates, machine applique, machine quilting, fusing, painting.


Commercial cottons, batiks, silk and polyesters. My hand dyed cottons and silk. Ultrasuede, artificial fur, and Minky fabrics. Fabric paint and markers.

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