The Stars and Stripes on the Moon by Sarah Entsminger

The Stars and Stripes on the Moon

Sarah Entsminger

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin put the first US flag on the moon in place during their historic walk on July 20, 1969. The image used as inspiration for this piece was a photo taken by Neil Armstrong of Buzz Aldrin with the flag. This photo has become one of the most often remembered images from that famous walk on the moon and one that I remember seeing many times as a child. The flag appears to be leaning and rippling in the wind; however, the surface of the moon was too hard to sink the pole deep enough for stability and the top rod did not telescope properly, giving the impression of blowing in the wind. Buzz Aldrin stated that when he looked at the flag he sensed an “almost mystical unification of all people in the world at that moment.” This image remains in my mind as the symbol of all the Apollo missions to explore the moon.


Hand applique, machine applique, machine quilting, painting.


Cotton fabric, ultra suede, felted wool, rat tail binding, nylon flag, acrylic paint, wax pastel, color pencil, postcard.