Moon Dancer by Catherine Etter

Moon Dance

Catherine Etter

Powhatan, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

All Romantic: Moon Dancer

My quilt, Moon Dancer, is based on the quote of VA Alison – She blows kisses to the one who danced through her dreams and leaves a trail of moondust on her heart. Isn’t that a truly lovely thought? That someone loves you to that extent, treasures you above all others and gently, with enormous care, comes to you in your dreams and lingers lastingly as a trail of moondust……… How truly romantic to envision yourself surrounded with that enormity of affection, finding yourself amidst an all encompassing ethereal veil of adoration. To walk through life in a dreamlike state only to waken with the lingering loving embrace of your life’s dance partner.

I wanted to create an atmosphere that would guide your dance, your very heart to the outermost reaches of time and space, beginning on the moon and gliding towards the stars in the arms of the one who holds you most dear…… A tranquil backdrop allows the couple to be best silhouetted as they dance amongst the stars, leaving a trail of moondust in their wake, all the while serving as a pathway to future enchantment….. So take my hand and let us explore the timeless art of love as we dance into eternity, scattering moondust amongst the stars.


Applique, Overlay, Hot Fix Crystals, Embellishments, Quilting


Cotton Fabric, primarily batiks; beaded garland, fusible web, crystals, thread