Time Lapse Moon Rise by Pam Geisel

Time Lapse Moon Rise

Pam Geisel

Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA

Artist Statement

I was searching for images of the moon and came across time lapse photos take of the moon rising and I was intrigued by both the way the colors of the moon rising changed and also how, because of the rotation of the earth, the moon rose at an angle.

Depending on what time of day the moon rises, it will appear different colors. If it rises early in the evening, where it is still daylight, the moon can appear more red, partially because of the particles in the atmosphere. As the sky darkens it provides more contrast for the moon, so it becomes whiter. This is why the sky in my quilt blends from lighter, where the moon is lower, to darker, where the moon is higher.

I also noticed that the colors of the moon weren’t solid in the different times, but they seemed to blend into each other. In order to make the best use of the orientation of the quilt, I decided to show it reflected in the water also.

The background shapes and the designs in the quilting are squares and rectangles to contrast with the roundness of the moon(s). The quilt is faced so it has no visible binding.


Machine raw edge applique, machine free-motion quilting.


Commercial, hand-dyed, and over-dyed cotton fabrics, cotton/poly batting, tulle, fusible interfacing, fusible webbing.

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