Eclipse Over Stonehenge by Kim K. Gibson

Eclipse Over Stonehenge

Kim K. Gibson

Burke, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

I have a great interest in both history and science and while I was at a living history event, there was an eclipse of the moon (not visible at the event). Talk around the campfire fell to wondering how terrifying it must have been to watch the brilliant silver orb slowly disappear and then, sometimes, turn orange-red.

Later, I had the opportunity to see a blood moon eclipse myself, and have never forgotten the beauty and power of the sight. I wanted to show the moon as it might have looked in Britain’s Middle Ages, rising over the lovely stone monument so well known as a solar calendar. It is also a lunar calendar, though this is less well known.

I chose the spiral pattern for the sky quilting because some scholars think that symbol carved into rocks indicated eclipses. The henge itself is simplified to capture its essence. I think of this piece as a time-lapse of wonder and mystery.


Machine stitching, machine applique, coloring, painting.


Printed and batiked cotton fabric, all appliqués colored with Derwent pencils to deepen or alter the colors.

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