Dad, Me and Live TV by Debra B. Goley

Dad, Me and Live TV

Debra B. Goley

Goodyear, Arizona, USA

Artist Statement

As an inspirational artist, I am taking my clues from a moment in time, a place or an emotion. This time of my life was blissful, sitting with Dad, staying up well past my bedtime, watching Live TV, and watching history being made.

My father has documented every day of his life since he was twelve and this day would be no different except the fact that other people would write of this day, too, and 500 million will be watching along with me this moment in time. It truly was a moment I sensed as a child and did not understand its impact until my adulthood as I recently watched the June 2015 Pluto flyby with my daughter and realized these are moments that are shared as a family and with the world.

We all come together to celebrate accomplishments, dreams realized as placed on our hearts by our Creator to see just what He has created; He reveals all mysteries to those who seek. I am honored to be part of this endeavor to celebrate man’s walk on the moon and deeply honored that Dad let me stay up late to watch with him; “it means the world to me!”


Collaged fabrics, painted areas to depict shadowing, layering. Stitched.


Fiber, acrylic paint.

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