Fly Me to the Moon! by Nancy A. Hershberger

Fly Me to the Moon!

Nancy A. Hershberger

Centreville, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

We listened to baseball games on the radio while we milked the cows. Then we would come in the house, wash up and listen to Sinatra on the stereo while we ate supper. Afterwards we gathered around the TV to watch Uncle Walter deliver the news.

My parents were in their thirties, I was five and my sister was three. My brother was an infant and my youngest brother was still a decade away. We were happy and excited and so proud to live in the good old U.S. of A. There was no talk of Vietnam, no talk of student protests. Just the Apollo astronauts, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Penn State football.


Machine pieced, machine applique, machine quilted.


Cotton fabric, sparkly tulle.