Cosmic Moon Over the Mountain by Linda S. Hoffmeister

Cosmic Moon Over the Mountain

Linda S. Hoffmeister

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

Artist Statement

Man has had a fascination of the moon since the beginning of time. As a child I remember staring at the heavens and anticipated the full moon with great expectation. Every child, young and old can remember finding Old Man in the Moon’s face, deep and mysterious. Our old elm tree in the backyard was my perch on which to sit and wait for its arrival.

As our family grew, seeing Mr. Moon and the glorious reflections on the water were cherished by all of our children. Mr. Sun was also welcomed. Our Grandchildren would always say, “Good Evening, Mr. Moon” and “Good Morning Mr. Sun.”

The fascination continues for me. I still anxiously await the moon with great expectation. The flooding of light and shadows over the mountains gives me a great joy and being. The small forest creatures are also delighted as they scurry in the underbrush. This is a reflective time for me, difficult decisions are made and the artistic creative spirits flow freely. New works start forming in my thoughts and I am at peace.


Shapes were cut free handed, some Heat and Bond was used. Paint was splattered for stars. Free motion quilting using metallic threads.


Mostly my hand dyed cottons, silks and sheers. Trees are silk, velveteen and painted with acrylics. Watercolor paints.