Apollo 17 - Night Launch by Martha W Petry

Apollo 17 – Night Launch

Martha W. Petry

Worthington, Ohio, USA

Artist Statement

This quilt depicts Apollo 17 which was the last manned USA mission to the moon and the only night launch.

NASA shares that the astronauts on board were Eugene Cernan, commander, Ronald Evans, pilot and Jack Schmitt, the first scientist and geologist to fly to the moon. The rocket was so bright that it illuminated the night sky and its light glowed across the water as it lifted off on Dec. 7, 1972, 12:33 am at Cape Canaveral, FL.

Heavy bands of shiny star beads and sequins have been stitched to convey the light and energy explosion at lift off and are surrounded by huge billowing clouds of smoke. A new, previously unexplored destination, the Taurus-Littrow valley was the landing site chosen for this journey where volcanic orange soil composed of microscopic glass beads was discovered. To symbolize this geological find, I have outlined the crescent waxing moon that shone that night with orange beads. In addition, I have outlined the stars in the sky to emphasize the night launch.


Machine pieced, hand quilted, hand embellished with beads, buttons, stars, sequins and embroidered.


Cotton and silk fabric, netting, buttons, sequins, beads, pearl cotton embroidery floss.