July 16, 1969 by Barbara S. Pozek

July 16, 1969

Barbara S. Pozek

Kimberling City, Missouri, USA

Artist Statement

Many Americans participated in the Apollo missions from their living rooms via television sets, but I could actually see the launches from my home. On any given summer day, even one that held such history, I could be found on this dock that belonged to some of the first settlers of the area. Although I was quite young and they were quite old, I enjoyed spending time with them, listening to their stories and learning from them. This piece contrasts the history of a FL that is swiftly disappearing with the future that travelling into space would bring to us all.


Raw edge applique and piecing. Couched Yarns. Free Motion embroidery and quilting. Shading with Shiva Oil sticks.


Cotton fabrics, various threads, eyelash yarn, Shiva Oil sticks.

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