Bad Moon Rising by Scarlett Rose

Bad Moon Rising

Scarlett Rose

Anderson, California, USA

Artist Statement

This Creedence Clearwater Revival song was a favorite of mine when I was in middle school. I didn’t truly understand the lyrics at that time, but I loved the catchy tune and I played the 45 rpm record of the song over and over. I am amazed now that my parents allowed that! When I was older, I finally understood the seriousness of the lyrics and how it related to that difficult time in our country’s history. I chose to interpret this song in that context.

Before I drew on the denim, I spent many hours rediscovering my skill with writing in the balloon style that was so popular back then. I remember decorating the paperbag book covers of all my school books, and some of my homework, with this graffiti.

For this quilt, I cut up my oldest and most worn pair of jeans and burned ragged holes in the denim to give me places to add the flame fabric. This was a very nostalgic piece for me to make, despite the seriousness of the issues of the time period.


Fabric markers, fabric paint, permanent ink, reverse raw edge applique, machine stitching, burned holes in the denim.


Very worn denim, cotton fabric, fabric markers, fabric paint, permanent ink, buttonhole twist thread.

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