Tom and Alexei Share a Tube of Vodka by Luana D. Rubin

Tom and Alexei Share a Tube of Vodka

Luana D. Rubin

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Artist Statement

This quilt celebrates the lifelong friendship of Tom Stafford and Alexey Leonov. After orbiting the moon on Apollo 10, Tom went on to command the Apollo-Soyuz Test project, smashing down barriers between US and Russia and making fast friends with Alexey Leonov, commander of the Russian side of the joint mission. Here is an imagined moment between the astronaut and the cosmonaut, sharing a tube of space food that has been covered with a label from a Vodka bottle.


Fused applique and machine stitching.


Batiks and hand-dyes, Steam-a-Seam 2.

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