Cow Jumping Over the Moon © Marisela Rumberg

Cow Jumping Over the Moon

Marisela Rumberg

Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

I was barely sixty days old when humans last traveled to the moon so I don’t remember anything about it. However, my dad, the engineer, like the rest of the world, was mesmerized by what he saw on television and read in the newspapers about the mission. He said that he couldn’t decide what captured his attention more: the Apollo mission to the moon or me – his first-born!

When I was older he told me the most incredible stories of the amazing astronauts, their rocket ships, and their great adventures. He also showed me the fabulous photos of the earth from space. Some of the earliest stories I remember him telling me were about those astronauts and his dreams of such an adventure for me: that maybe one day he would watch me travel to the moon.

Well, Dad, this quilt is dedicated to you for teaching me to be serious, to be creative, to be silly, and for all the dreams you have helped me realize. I am over the moon for you.


Machine applique, free motion quilting without marking, Trapunto, hand painted details using ink.


Silk, organza, quilting fabric, ink, beads and silver charm.

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