Last Quarter Moon © Ricki S Selva

Last Quarter Moon

Ricki S. Selva

Arlington, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

The line between daylight and night is known as the Terminator, and it is the inspiration for my treatment of “Last Quarter Moon” (also known as a third-quarter moon phase). Steeply angled light rakes across the craters, turning the transition zone between light and dark into organic lace.

Drawing and painting the moon took nearly two months of nerve-wracking work with permanent inks, dyes and paints. Layering the silk charmeuse moon on an over-dyed cotton background gives vivid contrast, not only in value and texture, but more importantly, in luster.


Hand-inked, hand-painted, hand-overdyed, machine-pieced, hand-embroidered, hand-quilted, portrait-mounted.


Cotton and silk; Fabrico, Prismacolor, Sharpie, Marvy, Tulip and Galaxy Markers; Colorhue Dye, Tsukineko Inks, Jaquard Water Soluble Resist; Silk, cotton and wool threads.

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