Phases (Faces) of the Moon © Ricki S Selva

Phases (Faces) of the Moon

Ricki S. Selva

Arlington, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

“Luna lucent non sua propria luce, sed mutuata a Sole”
(“The Moon shineth not by her own light but that which is borrowed of the Sun” – Comenius 1658)

These Man in the Moon faces borrowed a lot from the sun. To create this cyanoprint quilt, I digitially edited and manually transferred my own hand-drawn sketches to a large sheet of glass. Blueprint-treated (cyanotype) fabric was positioned under the glass and exposed to full sunlight on a hot afternoon; the result is this print.

My inspiration came from an assortment of seventeenth-century documents and memories of my treasured, dog-eared copy of Herbert Zim’s Golden Guide, “Night Sky.”


Hand-Drawing, Hand-Drafting, Digital Editing (Photoshop), Cyanoprinting, Hand-Quilting


Cyanotype treated cotton fabric, commercially printed cotton fabric, cotton thread, silk buttonhole twist thread.

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