Once in a Rabbit Moon by Shannon Shirley

Once in a Rabbit Moon

Shannon Shirley

Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

There are stories about the rabbit in the moon in many cultures in history. I named my quilting company Once in a Rabbit Moon because I learned that in modern day Mexico they use the saying unique things happen once in a rabbit moon. In American culture we say once in a blue moon to mean the same thing. Blue moons are the second full moon that happen in a month or the third of four that happen in a season. Blue hued moons happen because of smoke or dust particles in the air but are not necessarily full moons so a Blue hued blue rabbit moon is very unique!


Edged of rabbit and moon appliqué were turned with lightweight interfacing and hand appliquéd in place. The text is raw edge appliqué fused in place.


Cotton batik fabrics, cotton thread, cotton batting and wool batting for trapunto effect on the rabbit and moon.

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