The Moon Is An Egg by Kathleen I. Sweeney

The Moon Is An Egg

Kathleen I. Sweeney

Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA

Artist Statement

What if the Moon was actually a great cosmic egg that was finally ready to hatch? What would the creature inside look like as it took leave of our sky?

Inspired by an episode of the BBC TV series Doctor Who: Kill the Moon in which the Doctor discovers that the Moon is indeed an egg about to hatch. What would this mean for our planet and our future? Do we kill the creature to save the moon or allow a great change to happen?

I found this premise full of exciting ideas and wanted to portray my own unexpected, wonderful creature hatching a new life into our earthly sky and imagine a new, if unlikely, future.


Machine quilting, applique, and strip piecing of sky, sea and beach. Machine stitching to attach embellishments. Narrow binding of matching fabrics.


Cottons, batiks for sky, sea and land. Crinkled organza, tulle for creature. Variety of yarns, netting, cheesecloth for vegetation. Variegated threads.