Tribute: It's Only A Paper Moon by J. Lee Bagan

Tribute: It’s Only A Paper Moon

J. Lee Bagan

Henderson, Nevada, USA

Artist Statement

If you believe in a paper moon, a cardboard sea, a canvas sky or a muslin tree, then you will understand the endurance of this wonderful tune from 1933. Music by Harold Arlen, lyrics by Yip Harburg and Billy Rose, it was originally written for Broadway, but since embraced by Hollywood movies as well as performed by more than 60+ well known artists including Paul McCartney. For those of you who don’t believe: Don’t stand under the elephant!


The primary construction technique of this piece is machine applique with hand applied embellishments.


Quilt quality cottons, cotton batting, synthetic fabric, felt buttons, Swarovski crystals, and assorted fibers and buttons bring life to this challenge.