A Fitting Tribute © Ruth M Baker

A Fitting Tribute

Ruth M. Baker

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

Artist Statement

Harrison Schmitt was on Apollo 17 which was the last mission to the moon. This was Harrison’s (Jack) first moon walk-on December 7, 1972. Jack was a back up for Apollo 15 but did not get to go until Apollo 17.

I chose to reproduce this iconic picture of Harrison Schmitt because he was an unknown to many people. In 1975 Dr Schmitt resigned from his NASA post and was elected to the United State Senate for his home state New Mexico in 1976.

I am passionate about quilting. I try to create realistic fiber art quilts so my viewer’s memories will be triggered. I focus on nature and pictures that can be relate to personal experiences. My quilts have been gifts to family and friends to celebrate unforgettable times. Now I share them with the public for others to enjoy.


I used paint and threads to show shadows and dimensions on the moon surface and astronaut. The helmet shield is make out of a piece of metallic painted plastic from bacon packaging.


I used commercial fabric for the earth and the the moon surface. I used fabric paints and pens for the shadowing along with thread painting. The quilting is free motion.