The Rocket That Grandpa Rode by Joanne S. Bast

The Rocket That Grandpa Rode

Joanne S. Bast

Littlestown, Pennsylvania, USA

Artist Statement

Tricky but fascinating combining the history of discovery/flight from the Wright brothers to the moon and stars. Is exploration hard wired into our DNA? I included the tall ship to reference Mr. Buffet’s background as well as Mr. Roddenberry’s not infrequent sea captain vs starship captain inferences in Star Trek.

I only wish I had discovered that the bus lyrics referred to Mr. Buffett riding out to view the last shuttle launch with Neil Armstrong’s grandchildren early enough to incorporate bus-children-shuttle as well. Too late to fit anymore images in.

I did get a kick out of photoshopping my daughter off her horse to ride the Apollo 11 rocket and found my ideal stairway in a Hindu monastery in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. I think you can guess that while I appreciate “less is more” when other people do it, I am a “more is more plus” person myself.


Digital photography, applique, machine embroidery, quilting.


Cotton and cotton blend fabrics, synthetic fabrics for transparency, sewing and embroidery threads, polyester batting.

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