Propulsion - The Other Boosters Behind the Moon Landing by Linda T. Cooper

PROPULSION – The Other Boosters Behind the Moon Landing

Linda T. Cooper

Burke, Virginia, USA

Artist Statement

The Apollo program was made possible by an amazing collaboration of imaginative people in many professions and it led to incredible technical achievements.

I remember the push for science education and the excitement generated by news stories chronicling the race to the moon to meet Kennedy’s 10-year challenge. The live television reporting of the missions, broadcast to the entire world, celebrated the true openness of our society. This mission also fueled the spirit and enterprise of the American people.

The skill and imagination of all these “boosters” developed many innovations and they helped kick-start the tech world that we enjoy today. In my view, this investment in education, technology development, and infrastructure is the true meaning of “trickle down.”


Machine applique and quilting.


Commercial and hand painted fabric, flames made by fusing ombre fabric to Templar plastic, cotton, polyester and glow-in-the dark threads.

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