Kindred Spirits by Martha W. Petry

Kindred Spirits

Martha W. Petry

Worthington, Ohio, USA

Artist Statement

Kindred Spirits embraces important components of my life including my marriage, my love of walking with my dogs and my awe of the wonders of nature. I can’t think of anything more romantic than taking a walk with someone you love and a furry four footed friend under the falling snow, a brilliant sky and a golden moon.

January is a season of snow where I live and the Wolf Moon is the full moon for that month. As the wolf is known to be one of the few species that mate for life, it was a natural choice for this quilt. Because animals hear and smell things that humans do not, the howling wolf and dog communicate in a way that is haunting and romantic.

The quilt is sprinkled with embellishments of beads, buttons, lace and ribbons to capture the sparkle and magic only nature can design. Leaning into each other, the couple stops to listen to the mysterious sound and gaze across crisp white snow through the silhouette of a bare tree at the full, round moon.


Machine pieced and machine applique. Hand quilted, hand embellished with buttons, beads, ribbons, lace and embroidery (ricing).


Cotton fabric, buttons, lace, ribbon, beads, netting, pearl cotton floss.