The Voyage of Saturn V from Earth to the Moon by Diane M. Podgornik

The Voyage of Saturn V from Earth to the Moon

Diane M. Podgornik

Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Artist Statement

The Voyage from Earth to the Moon, co-designed with my sister, Joanne Hillestad, graphically represents the journey of the astronauts from the Earth to the moon. The Saturn V lifted off at Kennedy Space Center in FL. It was used by NASA from 1966-1973 and launched astronauts toward the moon in Apollo missions 11-17.
The first stage rocket is ejected about 42 miles above the Earth, the second stage is ejected just before the rocket reaches the orbit of the moon. The third stage then propels the spacecraft out of Earth’s orbit toward the Moon.

The remaining spacecraft had 3 modules. The command module contained a cabin for 3 astronauts and was attached to the top of the service module. The service module supported the command module with propulsion, electricity, oxygen and water. The third module, the Eagle, was the lunar module which landed on the moon. To land on the moon, the lunar module separated from the command module with two astronauts on the lunar module and one left in the command module which continued to orbit the moon. The lunar module had rocket fuel to guide the craft to the surface of the moon.


My art quilt was appliqued and satin stitched using a sewing machine. It was quilted on a long arm quilt machine and a sewing machine.


My quilt was made out of cotton quilt fabrics.

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