Betwixt and Between by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Betwixt and Between

Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Tampa, Florida, USA

Artist Statement

Tampa, FL, a major feature of the Tampa Bay area, is a beautiful vibrant city. It has its extremes in culture, social traditions, lifestyles, and architecture. A symbol of this city is the University of Tampa. The Henry Plant Hotel, built in 1891, is now the current site of the University of Tampa.

For 30-plus years Andy and I have made Tampa our home. The moon shining, at times, through and between any of the six minarets is a constant focus of our love for the city.

The University of Tampa and the Moon has been the inspiration to many artists, photographers, writers and others. Our Betwixt and Between is our expression in fabric. Our construction technique was to strip-piece batik graduated fabrics to our semblance of our Betwixt and Between.


Design drawing, strip-piecing, incidental appliquéing, free-motion and walking-foot quilting, domestic Janome sewing machine.


Batik cotton fabric, cotton, muslin fabric, and cotton batting.

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